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Tips from a Home Decor Brand Owner On How She Found Her Niche

Polin started her business during the covid time just like everyone coming up online. She had put her soul and heart into her business but didn't find the desirable customers or sales.

She says - "I knew that something was missing even after having all the knowledge of my products and business. I still decided to learn more about running the business online."

and that's where she realized that her brand needed a voice, a specific niche to have a spotlight , after implementing the strategies she learned from our course "Social Media Success Formula"

She finally started seeing some results. Now She only sells beautiful and unique lamps and lampshades online as well as offline in stores.

Which you should definitely check out on her website:

You can also contact her on

She has a big vision to make Inara everyone's comfort and she is happy to take these baby steps to scale her business so that Inara can be at every store in all cities.

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I'm Shreya

I'm a social media marketing expert and coach on a mission to help women entrepreneurs build an online business. I am the founder of Womenpreneur Academy - an online community for women in business.


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