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Instagram Business Mastery

Unlock The Power of Instagram For Your Business

In just 6 weeks...I'll show you...

How to Transform Your Brand and Make Your Customers Eager to Purchase from You!

"Instagram Business Mastery" is an all-inclusive online course that helps you tap into your business's true potential on Instagram.


The course covers everything from beginner to advanced techniques and combines mindset and marketing approaches to help you achieve success more quickly than ever before.

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Experience India's first program combining marketing and money manifestation, empowering you to attain abundance, live purposefully, and enhance your family's life.


Instagram Business Mastery:

Unleash Your Business's Full Potential on Instagram

Is This Program For Me And My Business...??

Yes! Instagram Business Mastery is for you, even if you...

​You have just launched your business and have never used marketing or advertising before in your business...

​Have tried posting content on Instagram but have not had reliable, consistent, predictable results...


​Think your business is “different” (guess what, it’s not!) IBM works even if you are a coach, e-commerce business owner, ayurvedic practitioner, a baker, an acupuncturist, or anything else... no matter what business you’re in IBM WORKS.

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Success means different things to different people, but here are some common results our students share...
1. Easy Growth: Steadily increasing their Instagram followers and engagement without too much effort.

2. More Sales: Turning Instagram followers into customers, boosting their business income.
3. Partner with Influencers:  Teaming up with popular and relevant people in their field to gain more attention and trust.

4. Balance Work and Life: Managing their Instagram and business while also enjoying personal time and relationships.
5. Inspiring Others: Becoming a respected voice in their niche, motivating their audience, and making a difference in their community

6. More Family Support: As their business starts showing results, they get the support and encouragement of their family members

Imagine starting each day with confidence and assurance, knowing success and prosperity are within reach on Instagram!

You get numerous orders for your services

Clients reach out to you and you don't have to chase after them

You can charge a premium for your work

Yes.. this can be your...check out our case studies

What You'll Learn

Detailed training on how to use Instagram for businesses from basics to advance:

Crafting the perfect profile and bio to attract your target audience


Strategies for creating compelling content and eye-catching visuals

Mastering Instagram Stories, Reels, and IGTV for maximum engagement

Building a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience

Implementing effective marketing strategies to promote your products and services

Learning proven tactics to increase engagement, conversions, and sales

And more

Unique combination of mindset and marketing to manifest success faster:

Developing a growth mindset to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals

Harnessing the power of goal-setting and visualization for business success

Powerful clearing exercises to help you manifest more success of Instagram

Week 1

Build A Strong Business Model

  • How to choose the right business model for your business

  • The 4 step abundance pyramid for a strong business

  • The 2M Formula for Unleashing Business Success

  • Abundance Block Clearing Technique for Unlimited Success

  • Daily Abundance Attraction Routine for Money and Success

  • Abundance Business Blueprint for Business Success: Mastering the Basics of Building Your Dream Business

  • Mastering the Essential Skills for Building a Successful and Abundant Business!

  • How to create an abundance business plan

  • Essential Systems and Tools for Building a Productive, Efficient, and Successful Business!

Week 2

Learn how to build an unforgettable brand on Instagram

  • How to Analyze Your Competition for Strategic Advantage

  • How to understand what your customers really want, so that you can be their #1 choice

  • How to make your business stand apart in a competitive marketplace on Instagram

  • How to Craft Your Brand Lookbook to make a great impression on Instagram

  • How to design your brand visual identity and elements

Instagram Content Creation Strategy

Week 3

  • Mastering the Basics of Instagram Content Creation for Standout Posts

  • Advanced Techniques for Crafting Killer Instagram Posts That Drive Engagement and Sales

  • Storytelling for Success: How to Harness the Power of Stories to Sell More and Connect with Your Audience!

  • The Art of Writing Engaging Instagram Captions!

  • Create Eye-Catching Instagram Graphics That Wow Your Followers!

  • Craft Your Perfect Grid: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning and Achieving Your Dream Instagram Layout!

  • Proven Tactics for Boosting Your Post Views and Reaching a Wider Audience!

Week 4

Instagram Hashtag Mastery

  • Mastering Hashtags Strategy The Ultimate Guide to Research, Reach, and Visibility

  • Understanding Hastag Categories from Niche specific to trending

  • A Step by Step Guide to Researching Hastags

  • Boost Your Insta Engagement Proven Strategies for Explosive Growth

  • Techniques to Fix Low Engagement and Lack of Growth

Week 5

Going Beyond Instagram

  • Guide to Cross Platform Promotion for Boosting Recall, Influence and Become a Trusted Brand in Your Niche

  • Simple and Effective Strategies for Generating More Traffic to Your Instagram Profile

Week 6

Instagram Setup Tutorials for Beginners & Best Practices

  • The correct way to set up your Instagram Business Account

  • Detailed tutorials on how to create posts, do live session, create and leverage guides & highlights

  • Mastering reels 


VALUE ₹49,999/-

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Struggle to consistently create engaging content for your Instagram profile.

Spend hours on social media without seeing substantial growth in followers or engagement.

Deal with unsupportive family members or friends who don't understand your entrepreneurial journey.

Struggle to find a supportive community of like-minded women entrepreneurs.

Balance work with family and personal life, often leading to feelings of guilt.

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I Want To GIFT You  Over ₹79,997 

Worth Bonuses...


My aim is to ensure that this is the most valuable investment you can make for your business. To accomplish this, I've carefully curated a range of fantastic bonuses designed to enhance your experience and support your success. These exclusive resources, tools, and opportunities will not only complement the course material, but also empower you to take your business to new heights on Instagram. Don't miss out on these incredible offerings that can truly make a difference for you and your business.


Weekly live Q&A Sessions ₹49,999 value

Join our weekly live group sessions to ask questions about Instagram marketing and to learn new strategies


Get a FREE ticket to our 7 Week Live Training ₹9,999 value

Get a free ticket to join our 7 week Live Bizathon Challenge to fast track your success. 


Get 365 days of social media content ideas ₹9,999 value

  • 1 year of planned social media content based on the annual calendar. (Excel sheet included)

  • Learn how to plan your content using a content calendar

  • Get access to 365 Social Media Post Ideas to get more engagement, comments and followers

  • This is the only social media calendar based on Indian holidays and events to help you plan your promotions, giveaways etc


Abundance Mindset Blueprint ₹9,999 value

  • Identify and break free from self-imposed barriers that hinder financial growth and success.

  •  Learn techniques to foster a mindset that attracts wealth, prosperity, and positivity into your life.

  • Practical money manifestation exercises: Discover actionable exercises and daily practices to manifest financial abundance and achieve your goals.

  • Master the art of visualizing your desired financial outcomes to accelerate the manifestation process.

  • Aligning actions with intentions: Develop strategies to align your actions with your financial goals, ensuring that your mindset and actions work in harmony to attract abundance



Get access to our private community app to network with other members

(VALUE ₹20,000)


Learning Format

Recorded videos & tutorials

Get instant access to hours of amazing, in-depth courses including step-by-step instructions, downloadable files, and much more

Learn at your own pace

Go at your pace as per your time and convenience

Weekly Live Q&A Session

Join Shreya for live q&a sessions to clear your doubts every Friday 3PM

Community Support

Join our community of 600+ women and grow together

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