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Solo Entrepreneur, Handcrafter, Soapmaker, Online Marketing Coach

Welcome to my online home & office (as i am invariably traveling).

I am a multi-faceted entrepreneur and a coach for creative women entrepreneurs and freelancers in India. 

I run a successful business – Burst of Happyness, where I formulate and design vegan, chemical-free, handmade bath & body goodies. I am a solo entrepreneur, married to the olive greens,  so always on the move; yet I have grown my venture from a kitchen startup to a seven figure business.

I know the ups and downs of being a womentrepreneur in India and I want to help you and support you through those times - personal and professional.

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Shreya Sharan Pawar

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I love to learn and chew on it for hours. I get bored easily so I need to keep myself stimulated. Thinking of new ideas and strategies energizes me. I find it difficult to work in a structured and predictable environment as I need variety - I really enjoy the chaos of being a solo entrepreneur. I also have the ability to encourage others to reflect and use their full intellectual capital. This makes me an ideal contributor in entrepreneurial and start-up situations.

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