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Meet Shreya

Abundance Attraction Coach, Army wife..

Trust your intuition and success will follow

I am a proud "multipotentialite" with many different pursuits and creative interests.

I know the ups and downs of being a womenpreneur in India and I want to help you and support you through those times - personal and professional.


My Simple World

I met my husband, Yogesh when I was 19 and we’ve been together ever since!  Now, I live the life of an army wife, travel, study, create new content, manage my small business, and goof around with my super geeky husband!

I am a momma to 2 boxer dogs - Juno & Shrek.

I shift homes every two years (sometimes sooner) but call Pune my home! I am currently based in Delhi.


My Biz Journey

My biz journey began in 2010 when I became hyper on being unable to find any truly natural products to suit my sensitive skin. All I could see was loads of pretentious stuff from FMCG conglomerates and a few bits from a sadly disorganised cottage industry. Realising that there must be many out there resigned to make-do with pseudo “natural” products, I refused a high-paying corporate job and instead, rolled up my sleeves and got down to learning all that there was to soap-making. From this began Burst of Happyness, with its line of handmade goodies - natural, vegan and free of preservatives which now operates from a workshop in Pune. BOH has got featured on numerous portals like YourStory, NatGeo Traveller, Chaipaani, Indian Express etc.

In the past, I have also run a wholesale business for natural ingredients for skincare, provided white labelling manufacturing, worked temporarily with Oriflame and Tupperware - only to realize that it wasn't my calling. But it helped me learn some great sales skills which I have applied to BOH


Things I love

Yoga, silver jewellery, day dreaming, going for long walks with my dogs, sarees, trekking, curling up in my blanket with my kindle, golf, the smell of wet mud, binge watching TV series, and kaju katli.


Education & Experience

(If you are into that kinda stuff)

I have a couple of paper degrees like a MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune and a PGDM in Advertising and Marketing from Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai. I have worked with advertising agencies and event management companies, freelanced as a content writer and worked as a mentor and consultant for NGOs and startups.


10 random facts about me


  1. I am super introvert. I do prefer my "alone time" over meeting people

  2. My first business was selling handmade bracelets at age 10. I didn't sell even one!

  3. In class XII, I secretly worked as a door - to - door sales person selling encyclopedia to earn some pocket money but my parents soon put an end to this career option when they got to know of it.

  4. I got my first job at an event management company at the age of 16.

  5. I once got duped of 60k in a MLM scam.I

  6. I am super messy and disorganised. I try really hard to keep things in order but I think I perform better in chaos.

  7. My favourite mantra is “thoughts create your reality”. I have a tattoo for it too.

  8. I once went for a fancy dress as “Swarupnakha” and won.

  9. I love reading fantasy & sci-fi ( Read Murakami, Harry Potter, Ender series)

  10. I mostly work in my pajamas at home. 







I love to learn and chew on it for hours. I get bored easily so I need to keep myself stimulated. Thinking of new ideas and strategies energizes me. I find it difficult to work in a structured and predictable environment as I need variety - I really enjoy the chaos of being a solo entrepreneur. I also have the ability to encourage others to reflect and use their full intellectual capital. This makes me an ideal contributor in entrepreneurial and start-up situations.


My Top 5 Strengths

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