you will need help!

I am not saying this to discourage you.

Here's the truth, starting a business is not easy peasy.. 

it is not about sipping pinacoladas on the beach and working on a permanent "vacation mode".

It requires hours of learning, implementation and experimentation.


But, what do you do if you get stuck or if you are not getting the results you desire?

Who do you go to when you require help or advice on something specific for your business?

Most often or not, you go to your partner, your friend or your family, who have no experience of running a small, creative business themselves or they will give you gyan which is suitable for big industries and companies - NOT YOU!.

Or even worse, you reach out to a fellow entrepreneur in your field for help and she refuses to share or helps you out very half heartedly as she feels threatened by competition - does this sound familiar???


The net result?

It leaves you with a sinking feeling that your idea is not worth it....

It leaves you feeling, "you" are not worthy of success..

You then, have to depend on yourself or spend hours scouring the internet to search for information on getting started.

Yeah, I know, I’ve done that!

What if, you could get advice and help from a person who has been in your shoes?