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Your 30-Day Journey to Prosperity & Success

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Elevate Your Life and Business with Daily Live Sessions that Help You Overcome Your Money Struggle and Attract Abundance with Confidence

IF YOU dream about, unlocking your full potential, and manifesting abundance in all areas. 

IF YOU dream about stepping into the most powerful version of yourself..

Morning Abundance Practice is the life changing 30-day live program that empowers you to do that. 

WE provide the expert guidance, magical techniques based in science and energy, and supportive community to help you achieve your dreams -

more effortlessly than you ever thought possible.


Join Our Dynamic Community of Abundance-Driven Entrepreneurs Today and Start Manifesting Your Dreams IN

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Curious about Morning Abundance Practice? Keep reading...

Shreya here...


Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you work, you're just not making enough money?

As an business owner, entrepreneur you know that marketing is the key to hitting your sales targets.

But, have you ever stopped to consider that your mindset might be holding you back from achieving your goals?

It's a little-known secret, but the most successful people in the world understand that mindset is everything.


Without the right vibration, you CANNOT attract success and money, no matter how hard you work.


That's where Morning Abundance Practice comes in.

Through live daily sessions and activations, I will guide you through a transformational journey that will help you clear your self-sabotaging thoughts, habits and behaviors, reprogram your subconscious mind, and remove any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your desired state.

By aligning with abundance on a deeper level, you'll attract more wealth, opportunities, and success into your life and business. You'll gain clarity about your goals and aspirations, develop a strong sense of self-confidence, and and start attracting opportunities for growth.

The power of the Law of Attraction is real, and by shifting your mindset, you can unlock your true potential and achieve your wildest dreams.


Morning Abundance Practice is the ultimate program to help you do just that.

Join me for 30 days of live sessions and transform yourself from the inside out.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to manifest abundance and achieve success with ease.

Imagine waking up each day feeling confident and empowered, knowing that abundance is coming your way and you are meant to be successful!

You get numerous orders for your services

Clients reach out to you and you don't have to chase after them

You can charge a premium for your work

Sadly, that's not really happening.. is it?


What really is happening is

  • You are working so hard, but the sales are not happening

  • Your potential customers are bargaining with you and it makes you feel that you are not worth it

  • Your family and friends don't take your business seriously

  • You find it difficult to stay motivated

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Can I tell you a secret only millionaires know?

You think you need to work hard to be successful in your business


The key to transformation isn't working harder,


It's transforming your MINDSET.


  • You need to clear your money mindset blocks

  • You need to go deep within and fix your ideas and beliefs about money and success

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Do you see this happening with you


Your income is stagnant irrespective of the hard work you put in


You charge less and you over deliver


Your bank balance is stuck

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You shy away from speaking to your clients fearing they may reject you or bargain


You avoid taking risks or investing in your business because you are not sure if your business will succeed


You feel guilty or worthless


Abundance means different things to different people,

but here are some common results our MAP attendees experience

  • 4x income growth in 30 days

  • Orders coming on auto pilot without any effort

  • Fully sold out exhibition stall for the first time

  • Publicity in a renowned magazine - total surprise!

  • Healed relations with family members which had been stressful for years

  • Surprise business orders out of the blue from unknown customers

  • Changes in relationship with husband

  • Faster healing of physical pain and sickness

  • Healing past emotional traumas

  • More confidence and self love

  • and much much much more....



I feel calm and serene, it’s not like I am hyper like I used to be when orders used to come.

Now I know things keep happening here and there so not to take a lot pressure on me.

Reading the affirmations that I have written with Shreya’s guidance have made a huge difference in my life.


Now my mindset has totally shifted to the solution instead of worrying about the problems in business.


Now I think about what are the next steps I can take to improve it


MAP sessions are wonderful. 


I actually felt like it's for me. I can really feel the changes in my energy before and after the MAP sessions.


It's like I am witnessing my own self (Don't know this is the right word).


In MAP sessions I am spending time with my own self and it makes me realize that how much it is important.


Because its help me to balance my own emotions. And when I started to take responsibility of my own actions & inactions, I don't have that much expectations from others.


Just do your works and results will come. Let it go.
"Be aware and grateful for all the experiences"

Thank you Shreya for all your guidance.


I freaked out when I was supposed to list my achievements as I couldn't think of anything significant.

But in the of five mins I just couln't stop myself.

This is what you do with us Shreya, This is what making me write for you today. 

Shreya thank you so much for bringing up this untouched aspect of ourselves through MAP sessions.

There's so much to be proud of. Being associated with you and the community is the most recent achievement. 

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Details you
need to know...


It's a 30 minute session held every day MONDAY - FRIDAY to work on mindset and abundance manifestation.


Time: 9:30AM to 10:00AM (30MINS)

Duration: 30 Days

Days: Daily Monday - Friday

What we do really do in these sessions

This is a practical - doing session! 

We practice various meditations and other practical activities which I'll reveal inside the session!

This is not a theoretical course on law of attraction! 

This is real live implementation of various exercises.

These live sessions are ideal for those who have enough knowledge about law of attraction however they are not able to implement it on their own...

Remember just knowledge is not enough.

You only get result when you practice what you learn!

So, join me for 30 days to practice live with me and my team!

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New Around Here?

Hi! I'm Shreya

Author of Abundance Workbook & your Abundance Attraction Coach.

I hold space for hundreds of women who want to be extraordinarily successful & become the wealthiest women in their family.

I support women entrepreneurs manifest more success in their business using a powerful combination of mindset reprogramming, energy practices and marketing strategies.

I am self made entrepreneur, army wife living a gypsy life, mommy to a baby girl and 2 dogs.

I believe in living a life in fullness of who I am, experiencing freedom, love, and joy to the fullest.


If, you join today, I'll throw in these FREE BONUSES worth ₹20,000



Learn 5 powerful techniques to manifest anything you desire


Get access to 30+ of my favourite affirmations to help you transform various areas of your life. These work like magic!



Get a ready to use powerfully energized money vision board to help you fast track your manifestation



Get access to all the guided meditations & activations for a period of 30 days so that you can practice on your own. These are priceless



How are the sessions conducted? 

After successful purchase, you will be invited to join our community special app where you will be able to join the live session at the click of a button

Frequently Asked Questions


I can't join at 9:30AM, the time doesn't suit me..

There is no perfect time. Love and value yourself enough to make time for yourself. You will also get recordings of the session to practice.

I don't believe in law of attraction and manifestation..

you don't need to believe in it for it to work or not work for you. Remember, you are still creating your life by not creating it intentionally.


What if I miss of certain days?

It's okay.. you can catch up on the recording.. Recordings will be available for 30 days ie the duration of your subscription

I am already practicing the Daily Abundance Routine shared in the Bizathon

That's great! This is an advance practice to help you.

I already know these techniques like EFT, Chakra Cleansing... should i still join?

Knowing is different from doing. When you commit to a daily practice, only then will you see life changing results. Also, the vibration of a group is very different from practicing solo.

How is the session conducted?

Sessions are conducted via zoom. Once you sign up you will be added in our community app where you will get notifications and daily zoom link

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