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How I Got My First Order In My Business

It was Diwali night in 2012⁣

It was my first Diwali after marriage. My husband and I had just wrapped up our celebrations, packed up all the left over mithai and I was ready to go to sleep after a long day!!!⁣

But somehow, I couldn’t sleep and kept tossing and turning.⁣

A voice kept telling me that tonight is an auspicious night if I wanted to launch my handmade bath & body care brand Burst Of Happyness⁣

I got out of bed. Switched on my laptop and starting putting up pictures of my product photos on Facebook!!!⁣

Honestly, I didn’t really have a plan and I put up randomly clicked images.⁣

And I waited a day.⁣

And waited another day.⁣

And waited for a few more days…⁣

But didn’t receive any enquires or orders.⁣

I was quite upset and lost confidence and was sobbing to my mom over the phone.⁣

That evening I received my first order —— From my parents!!!!!⁣

It had a note with said, “consider this as Shagun to get you started”.⁣

That made me laugh.. ⁣

It also made me feel silly…. How do I react to a “paid” order from my parents. ⁣

But, somewhere it also felt good.⁣

I decided to learn about product photography and made a makeshift, judgadu arrangement to take somewhat “decent” product pictures which I posted on Facebook. ⁣

And guess what I received 2 orders worth ₹800 that week!!!!⁣