So, I have moved again!

This time from the chilly Nilgiris to the heat of Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

And you might not believe me when I tell you that this is the first time we have got posted to a city 😛

but that’s the life of being an army wife.

So, i’m not really sure how I’ll deal with the bustle since I am so used to the quiet of smaller towns but I do hope to get out more, meet more womentrepreneurs and taste a different style of life.

A common question that I get asked is – how do you work if you move all the time?

Here’s the answer:

Well, i haven’t perfected it. That’s honest. 

Here are some things that do to keep things going:

  1. I have delegated parts of my work which I cannot do on-the-go to a team of freelancers.

  2.  I take out about half an hour daily, even late at night to attend to important things like production related issues, or customer queries. (sometimes there is a delay due to network issue, but most customers understand that).

  3. I keep things small and manageable. I take on very few one-on-one clients and I still have a small production unit for Burst of Happyness in Pune. I have intentionally kept a fixed range of products on my BOH store and don’t accept orders for customisation.

  4. I also pre plan my launches and promotions around our postings and vacations.

  5. I use Whatsapp to coordinat