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My Life & Business Updates: June 2022

I want to record and curate events and memories of my life and business because I believe I tend to forget them over time (but now, no more memory loss because I found a way) and it will be lovely to look back and see the progress I have made.

I also hope that these updates help you get some inspiration in your life as well!

I’ll cover the following:

1. Major & minor events in my life

2. Updates in my business

3. Books / Movies I have been catching up on

4. Life & Business goals

Life Updates

1. My daily meditation has been on track so I’m pretty happy about that.

2. My inlaws were here, so had a house full with 3 doggies, lots of food, and catching up!

3. I binged on Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes after years… it was epic!!

4. I have been working closely with Dr. Monicka Singh a spiritual Birthing Facilitator to plan a conscious pregnancy.

5. My old college friend Anukul came. I was meeting him after 5 years as he has shifted to Canada… but it felt like we are back in college again..

6. The Delhi summer heat was insane and most of my plants started withering :-(

This breaks my heart! 💔

Business Updates

1. Started a 6-week live training program Bizathon (whoopee) - it’s an action-packed training program I conduct in which I cover branding, social media marketing, and more! I run this training as a game in which the participants are divided into teams and have weekly tasks to achieve! It is very intense training and I am super proud of the existing batch for their commitment. (more power to them)

2. Launched a high ticket Diamond Mastermind which is high accountability & coaching mastermind for a small