If you are starting out as an women entrepreneur in India -


I am not saying this to discourage you.

Entrepreneurship in India is still in a very nascent stage - so who do you go to when you require help or advice on something specific for your business?

Most often or not - you go to your partner, your friend or your family, who have no experience of running a small, creative business themselves or they will give you gyan which is suitable for big industries and companies - NOT YOU!.

It leaves you feeling that you and your idea are just not worth it.

Or even worse, you reach out to another entrepreneur for help and she refuses to share or helps your half heartedly as she feel threatened that you will "steal" her idea.

You then, have to depend on yourself or spend hours scouring the internet to search for information on getting started.

Yeah, I know, I’ve done that!

But what if you could get help and get advice from a person who has been in your shoes?

I will teach you exactly how I have done things in my business, which I started from a kitchen and grew it with love, passion and education into a powerful energy which influences the lives of it’s customers, employees, and helps contribute to the world through philanthropy. 



This is a course where I  help you identify the right business for you based on your strengths and capabilities.

This is custom made for Indian women, who want to learn how to ideate, validate, and use the right tools to set up their business the right way!




An online self-study course for Indian Womentrepreneurs on holistic business practices to launch and grow their business year after year. This program will be based on my Mandala Business Model, which is a superb tool to visualise your current stage in business and how you wish to take it forward. It will help you understand and connect strategies, resources, activities and other key building blocks which have to work in sync to keep your business running like a pro.

It will enable you to picturize the whole and capture the nature of energy of your business.

This program will reduce your learning curve and help you avoid common mistakes that most startups make.


You are here to do something special.

You are here to be someone special.


To get more information, drop me a mail on connect@shreyasharanpawar.com