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Hey Hustler!

I know its tough to work alone. I know that sometimes you want to give it all up. I know there are days when everything goes wrong and it makes you feel that it’s not worth it..

Hang in there…

Here are 11 mantras to prevent a burn out. Make them a part of your daily life and see the change..

1) Exercise and Meditate to be in the right physical and mental state

2) Spend some me-time every day to clear your mind

3) Write down your dreams and ambitions, but be realistic

4) Believe that you can achieve them

5) Make to-do lists and prioritise your tasks. Maintain work-life balance.

6) Forgive yourself for all the personal and professional past mistakes.

7) Take responsibility for your actions.

8 ) Take efforts to lead a toxic-free life. Be it people, situations, food, skin-care products, and everything else! Eliminate the toxicity.

9) Take out time to do what makes you happy! If you like sleeping and it makes you feel energised, spare some time for it.

10) Spend some time with your loved ones/ After all, what’s life without some love!

11) Breathe. There’s no need to sprint. Go slow and steady.

Tell me in the comments below which one you resonate with the most…



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