This post is a follow up to the previous post – Freelancing in India 101, Part 1 where we talk about branding, self discipline and the first few steps to take.


As discussed in the previous post, a portfolio is a must. Whether you are a writer, a photographer, or a VA, your portfolio is your key selling point.

Think about it – Wouldn’t you rather get your website built from a developer who has a swanky website herself vs someone who “claims” to be web developer.

Your potential clients too will view you with the same lens.

Ideally, a portfolio consists of the clients and references you have worked with previously and some of your best work samples. The format differs as per your services.

If you are wondering how to build the portfolio without any prior experience, start out by contacting the brands you would like on your portfolio and offer your services for low prices initially. Once you have a stronger portfolio, you can increases your rates. You can also make up clients and create a portfolio with them in mind. Be sure to state it clearly that it’s not a real client but a representation of your vision.