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Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited to share with you the 31 day photo challenge for creative womenpreneurs.

I thought of this because, i hear so many of you say that you struggle to decide what to post on your social media platforms.

So let's fast track your progress with this #MeetTheMompreneur 31 DAY PHOTO CHALLENGE.

What's a photo challenge?

A photo challenge is simply a game in which you post a photo daily based on a pre-decided prompt. (I have shared a list of prompts for you)

These photo challenges are a great way to build your social media platforms, get more engagement and increase your following. You also get to connect with other like minded women and grow as a community.

It helps us small, creative business owners share our story and our brand and invite our customers to really get to know us.

If you have been struggling to launch your creative business on social media - this is a great place to start.

So here's how the photo challenge will go:

1. I will be sharing with you daily prompts of what to post. These prompts are simply a theme for the day and you can share any picture that resonates with you. These prompts are open to your interpretation.

2. Remember to use the hashtag #MeetTheWomenpreneur for each photo.

3. This is a community game. Invite your friends and other womenprenerus to take part in the challenge.. more the merrier. It will help us all grow together.

4. Do like and comment on other posts with the hashtag #MeetTheWomenpreneur to encourage other womenpreneurs and get talking with will definitely make new friends and connections this way.

5. At the end of each day, I'll share the best photo for the day on my feed.. so you get some eyeballs!

Here are the daily prompts:

Some tips for you:

1. You can click pictures in advance and schedule them using tools like planoly, hootsuite, buffer etc

2. It's ok if you miss out on a couple of days here and there... simply start with the prompt of the day and rejoin the game

3. You can join this challenge on facebook or instagram or both... it's up to you!!!

4. Make sure that your instagram profile is public so that everyone can like your photo!

So are you excited? I am!

Let's get started,

Join me on

Instagram @shreyasharanpawar

Facebook: @shreyasharanpawarofficial

And repost the images I have put up there so show your interest in the challenge!

After that,

I'll see you on 1st July when we kick off the first day of the challenge!



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