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My Life & Business Updates: July 2022

Oh! you are back? Welcome to my monthly life & biz review where I record and curate events and memories of my life and business because I believe I tend to forget them over time and it will be lovely to look back and see the progress I have made.

I also hope that these updates help you get some inspiration in your life as well!

I’ll cover the following:

  1. Major & minor events in my life

  2. Updates in my business

  3. Books / Movies I have been catching up on

  4. Life & personal goals

Life updates

1. I have been a student of Iyengar Yoga for the last 2.5yrs and I’m super thrilled that my teacher has re-started her studio post covid! Practicing in person is a different experience altogether!

2. As I’m shifting in September, I have started packing my house slowly! So living amongst boxes for a while now…but that’s the fauji life!

3. Repotted all my plants in preparation for the move! That was a huge task but I’m glad I got it over in time

4. I have been off coffee for about 5 weeks.. That’s a huge win for me!

5. My parents were here! Yay! We had a small get-together with some close family friends at a private event. Met some people after decades!

6. Spent my half of the month with Pragya ( My Social Media Manager) as she stayed at my place for a while. We went out for a movie and the other night we ate the very famous paan from prince paan wala in Delhi (late-night sweet cravings, you know ) We never spent that much time before.

Business Updates

1. The live Bizathon training session I started last month has been in full swing. The participants have been busy with assignments and many actional to-dos which can help them in their business. In the last 4 weeks, I covered:

  1. Branding essentials for a small business

  2. How to use Instagram for business

  3. Design & Layout of the Instagram feed

  4. Elements of a good post

  5. Hashtag research

  6. Engagement strategy

  7. And more!!!!

  8. Detailed Content Planning for Instagram

  9. How to build a website in an hour!

We have a few more sessions remaining in the Bizathon in which I will be covering business planning! (Now the pressure to choose the winner going to start. YES, the one who completes all the tasks, wins the season)

2. Joined my friend Sriram Benur on his book launch Youtube Mastery. It was great meeting and networking with so many authors. Now I’m inspired to write something of my own!