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My Life & Business Updates: Aug-Sep 2022

Hey, Gorgeous Welcome to my monthly life & biz review where I record and curate events and memories of my life and business because I believe I tend to forget them over time, and it will be lovely to look back and see the progress I have made.

I also hope that these updates help you get some inspiration in your life as well!

I decided to combine my life & business updates for the months of August & September as I was mostly on a break!

Here are the biggies -

Life Updates:

1. I have shifted to Ranchi!!! Took a while to settle in our temporary accommodation but I’m back in action!!! This place is unbelievably green.

Take a look at my backyard

2. Pregnancy Updates:

My pregnancy checkups and scans have been going on - all well on this front! I had my first experience of quickening and movement - it was surreal. Honestly, I was caught unaware and was very confused in the beginning (facepalm).

I am also sensing a change in behavior of the dogs as my pregnancy is progressing - they are showering me with a lot of affection and being very gentle around me…

Business Updates

1. We wrapped up the 7 Week Bizathon Challenge and had 7 Biz Star Winners who have completed all the assignments and launched their brand. It was a joy to felicitate them and hear their experience about how they overcame all odds to complete their assignments. Check out the recording of the live session to get energized!

2. We officially launched the Abundance Workbook!!! 60% of the stock sold out on day 1… It was just awesome. Check out the Workbook here