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Quick Tip - What Is Your Unique Selling Point?


🙃How are you different from other sellers in your industry??⁠❓⁠ USP is a very important concept in marketing & branding but is often overlooked by most creative business owners.⁠ The result?⁠ 🥱You end up being like hundreds of other brands already in the market... and that is soooo boring!!!!⁠ _⁠ So let me ask you:⁠ What makes you stand apart from your competition?⁠ Why should your customers choose you over other brands?⁠ _⁠ And if you don't have an answer to these two questions, i suggest that you go back to the drawing board and work on a differentiator that will help you be uniquely "you".⁠ 🌿⁠ I help my students determine a super strong USP for themselves in my online course - Grow Your Creative Business through various exercises. But, here are some ways in which you can find one for yourself:⁠ 1. unique products / unique ingredients⁠ 2. unique packaging⁠ 3. customer segment you cater to⁠ 4. your brand values⁠ 5. customer service⁠ Check out these brands on Instagram which have a very distinct USP:⁠ @dulhanama⁠ @champsfleur⁠ @nikitaavyas⁠ _⁠ 💖Let me know what your USP is so that I can check out your work!!!⁠ If you have any questions about this, do message me.⁠ Cheers,⁠ Shreya⁠

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