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Quick Tip - What Should You Post on Social Media To Get More Sales??

👯‍♂️You should think of social media platforms like a party where you meet new people and you convert them into friends by having meaningful conversations with them.⁠ 💌You social media posts should be less about the products you sell and more about providing value to your followers. ⁠ You can do this by:⁠

1. Sharing tips about your industry (ex if you are jewellery brand, you can share tips about how to style using jewellery) ⁠

2. Answering common doubts / questions⁠ (Think of all possible questions your customers ask you and share the answers)

3. With product demos⁠ 4. Hosting giveaways⁠ 5. Talking about your vision⁠ (what does your brand stand for, how is it different from other brands) 6. Sharing your story⁠ (Why do you do what you do. What motivated you?) ⁠ I hope these post ideas will help you build a engaging brand.⁠ I would love to know your thoughts.⁠ ⁠ 💖Love,⁠ Shreya⁠

Ps: I have created a social media content calendar for you with 366 post ideas & 131 ready made graphics. Do check it out!!

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