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The first thing that we do in the morning strongly impacts the way the rest of our day turns out to be. And, we need no studies to prove that; we all know it! Morning rituals hold the power to transform our days. While most people understand the former, some of them fail to follow a morning ritual, despite a strong will. Those who make it a point to follow their morning ritual come what may, can feel the magic of it! Business leaders around the world, religiously follow morning rituals that kick off their day in the most effective manner. Women’s minds are more tangled and complex, which explains why they are good at multi-tasking. Having said that, I certainly vouch for the fact that having a set morning routine can help women be more composed and definitely, more productive, and ultimately achieve more. We caught up with a few womentrepreneurs to know what their morning ritual looks like and how it sets the tone for the rest of their day…

Beginning with a thankful heart

“So, to begin with, I try to write the things that I want to do – a night earlier. I sleep by 8.30-9 at night and wake up in at 3-3:30 in the morning, and then start working by about 5am. The first thing that I do is take my feet off my bed with ‘Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!’ Offering gratitude puts me in the right mood and state of mind,” says Pushtiie Shiv Shakti, who’s a tarot reader, energy guide and actor. ‘After this, I meditate for about half an hour to one hour. My head just becomes so clean after meditation, that I feel pumped up and in the right spirit to do my work. My focus is set, my priorities become more clear and I can map the day in an effective manner.”

Spending time with my best bud

“Mornings are the best part of the day and they certainly fill you up with the right amount of vigour that you need to endure a tough day. On most days I take my dog, Krish, for a morning job or a bike ride. That way, I get my exercise too,” says Snehal Pradhan, a former cricketer, sports writer, and YouTuber. “I’ve been a sportsperson since I was 13, so I feel pretty odd when I don’t work out in the mornings. Exercising with Krish is a bonus because it’s super fun, and a total stress-buster.” Snehal has played for India at the international level. She has her own YouTube channel where she’s currently running a series called – “Cricket How To!” On her show, Snehal shares her experience of playing the game for 15 years through tutorials with an intent to answer every question that upcoming cricketers have.

Meditation for the soul

Reyckha Thadaney, has been a practicing  Numerologist, and a Feng Shui & Vastu consultant for the last sixteen years. Her work requires her to constantly interact with people, which can be quite stressful at times. “Although I don’t wake up at a fixed time everyday, I make it a point to start my day with meditation. Meditation helps me gain control over myself, so that I can remain calm and composed even in the worst case scenario.” says Reyckha. “I also believe in sending out positive affirmations to the universe. Something simple like ‘I will have a fantastic, productive day today’ goes a long way in boosting my confidence and productivity. I also tell my clients to follow this practice,” she concludes.

De-cluttering the mind

“I wake up at 7am everyday, and the first thing that I do is -make my bed. Making my bed makes me feel ready for the day. If I don’t make my bed, it makes me feel cluttered and stressed, so I get done with it first!” says Amrita Khushalani, a canine behaviourist. “Looking after my dog, supervising the maids and organising the house are my big tasks for the day. I don’t like to be late, so I map my day beforehand such that I reach ten – fifteen minutes early for a client meeting or a grooming session,”concludes Amrita. Amrita is also an amazeballs baker. When she is stressed otherwise, she usually heads to the kitchen to bake something, because creating something from scratch instantly lifts her mood up!

Spending some ‘Me’ time

“I spend some time with myself over a morning cuppa and some good, happy music,” confesses Sweta Mantrii, a freelance writer and disability activist. “I have too many thoughts running in my mind. Sometimes, there might be some things from the previous day that would be bothering me. Sometimes, I’d just like to think about the subject that I’d be writing on. I like to sit with myself, think over the thoughts, and then plan the day. I make a to-do list which I strictly follow,” she says.”After some ‘me’ time, I get on to the toughest writing task at hand, because mornings are when I think I  can write the best. When I have some serious writing to do, I wake up at 5am. That one hour before dawn has a different energy to it, which works for my writing and brings out the best in me.”

Mornings are magical!

Human beings have better self-control and stronger will power just after they wake up. It is important to take advantage of one’s productive best in the morning, before the psychological and physiological fatigue sets in. Having a morning ritual is what separates successful entrepreneurs from the aam junta! So, throw away that lethargy, figure wake up in the morning and set a solid morning ritual. I bet it will change the way you work and change the way your work works wonders for you! 




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