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I discovered Nupur’s work – Pretty Ponytails on social media and fell in love with its uniqueness and got her to share why and how she got started. She has a very unique niche where she offers handcrafted hair jewellery for mothers and daughters – I love how specific and targeted that is.

She’s a prime example of a women who has combined her past experience + a need in the market to create something really new.

So, let’s dive into in what she has to say….

Tell us about yourself and Pretty Ponytails.

Having completed my MBA in marketing and gained experience in corporate life (advertising, marketing and merchandising), came the next stage of my journey, Pretty Ponytails, a home for exquisite handmade and curated accessories. Our forte lies in dressing up the tresses, and we have a huge portfolio that starts with bows and headbands for the little princesses and goes up to celebration or bridal wear for the hair and hair jewellery for the mothers.

We create unique styles that will make you feel fantastic and which will make heads turn.

Based on customer feedback and market opportunities, we’re soon introducing fashion jewellery products.

What’s your motivation to start something of your own?

I’d had a fantastic (incredibly fun and financially rewarding) career as a merchandiser and marketer working with Tanishq, jewellery arm of Titan, travelling the world and doing the kind of work my friends were chewing their right arm off for.

The main motivation that made me really push forward my business was the birth of my daughter a few years ago. The joy of my child’s birth and responsibility for her upbringing made me quit my enriching corporate career and the same joy motivated me to work as a consultant first and then begin Pretty Ponytails.

What’s your business model?

We operate in a niche product segment and our business targets customers who look for a differentiated range, with sound quality and aesthetics that somewhere promise repeat purchases. Our products are our USP here, we believe that the first and most important part of a business is the product you offer to sell. The offering is good enough such that no one can refuse, both in terms of design and quality.

We’re discerning and creative and don’t compromise on quality in the merchandise we offer. Our karigars (craftsmen) hand tie and carefully check the quality of each accessory to make sure every Pretty Ponytails product is just right. The team is constantly creating the most up-to-date silhouettes, colors and fabrications which make the one adorned look their best.

Our designs are chic and contemporary, yet classic with a touch of vintage.

We have fashionable jewelry and accessories to make you stand out during all celebrations as well as cute handcrafted bows, barrettes, clips and headbands for young girls. Because it is difficult to assign a particular age to sport a piece, we segment our product portfolio across the diaspora of casual, sporty and dolled up for the younger ones along with celebration and bridal wear for the older girls and women.

Each ribbon or fabric used to make bows or barrettes for young girls, is carefully selected and finished to minimize damage caused by wear and tear. With all ends sealed and backed for durability we ensure that your little girl enjoys what she wears without needing to worry about it.

At Pretty Ponytails, we fully understand that when you have a special event, you want to create a look that is both unique and one that enhances your natural beauty. With our vast range of handcrafted hair jewelry; namely headchains and hair danglers you have the ability to do just that!

Whether you are looking for a bow, hair tie or a hair band for the little one, contemporary head chain, a traditional matha patti or a hair dangler for the minimalist, we have exactly what you need. What’s more, we can even custom make an order according to your exact requirements.

What made you realize that there is a need in the market for these products? Why did you decide to create these items yourself and not become a reseller?

There wasn’t much available in the market to be a reseller! As a customer, I didn’t like anything, which is why I took to creating, hence reselling wasn’t much of an option. I knew that as a woman and mother, I was the perfect customer and I knew what were the product requirements. Hence the product requirements were clear, the challenge was to learn the skill!

How did you promote your business in the starting  phase?

Fortunately for me, I wasn’t in a rush, my daughters were very small when I started, and I was already consulting, so I started small and gave it time. My work, designs, craftsmanship and quality spoke for itself, so with little promotion, primarily through word of mouth, it started off well.

However, with time and the popularity of social media and ecommerce, we latched on to this medium for promoting our products and approaching a wider and discerning audience.

Who do you go to for advice or to learn more about growing your business?

Parikshit, my soul mate understands the business now, and thinks for its best interests always. Being a financial consultant, a banker and a project advisor, he gives me valuable advise on growth avenues, inventory turns and investments.

What advice would you like to give other women who wish to start something of their own but are hesitant to take the plunge?

Believe in yourself and be courageous. Every problem presents an opportunity so identify that, hold on and then enjoy the ride!

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