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I really believe that, us women generally find it a lot more difficult to promote our self and ask for a sale; specially if you are a startup. If you have just started selling your products or services it’s even worse. So let me share with you 5 very easy ways that you can use to make sure that your sales increase this month.

Here’s the first tip:

1. Share a freebie:

Freebies are a great way to attract potential customers. When I say share a freebie, I don’t mean that you need to give your products away, for free. The idea is to create something of value for your customers, which they cannot buy otherwise. This could be in the form of an ebook or say a video series or even a webinar. Anything that compliments the product that you offer or the service that you provide.

For e.g what I do for “Burst of Happyness” where I sell soaps and other bath/body products, I have a small handbook that I share which has a lot of DIY recipes for face masks, hair masks, body scrubs, etc. For my coaching business as well I have a couple of freebies, one is the blue book for resources which has tons of resources for anybody who is starting up in India. I also have an income and expense tracker sheet to help women entrepreneurs manage their finances much more efficiently. These are of benefit to my ideal customers and they are in sync with the services/products that I offer. You too need to come up with a freebie that you can offer.

2. Reach out to your tribe regularly:

I can’t emphasize on how important it is to be consistent in your social media posts, blog posts, the newsletters that you send. You have to constantly keep reminding the people out there, that you exist and what you sell. Share with them constantly, make sure that you do at least one or two blog posts a month and send out, regular newsletter emails. This will definitely ensure that next time they want to purchase something they will have you at the top of their mind.

3. Create product Bundles:

You have to create combos of products that customers generally buy. So what I do for “Burst of Happyness” where I sell natural deodorants. I have a combo set which is a set of three samples of natural deodorants and even though this is the most expensive SKU in my store it is the highest selling. So think of combos of this sort that you can create which increase your order value as well as are of benefit to your customer.

4. Make it easy for your customers to pay you

Oh Gosh! The biggest frustration as a customer I face is when the payment process is extremely complicated. Say you are browsing on Instagram/Facebook and you really like a particular item and you go on to purchase, then you realize that the only payment option available is NEFT transfer. That is so frustrating because I don’t have the time or the patience, to add you as the beneficiary then wait for 30 minutes, then come back again to make the payment and then send you an email telling you that I have made the payment. Make it easy for the customers to pay you and do it very quickly. Make sure that you have a payment gateway available. I use Instamojo because I find it the most convenient way to use. I don’t understand why most startups are chindi. Why do you want to save up on that 2% that the payment gateway will charge you for your order? In order to avoid the 2% charge you end up losing orders for customers like me who don’t have the time and the patience. So invest in a payment gateway right away and even if you don’t have a store and even if you just sell on Facebook or sell directly through Instagram, you can always send them the payment gateway link and they can process their credit card/debit card/net banking whatever.

5. Use Facebook groups:

Facebook groups have been my go to every time I am launching a new product/if I feel that there is a decline in sales. I start using Facebook groups a lot more proactively and there are lot of shopping groups on Facebook, a lot of support groups for women entrepreneurs which give you a platform to share your products and engage with your potential customers. I have shared a blog post earlier with a list of Facebook groups that I have used in the past. I will link it below.

Be regular in posting to these Facebook groups. At least post to these groups once a day if not twice a day. You will definitely see a jump in enquiries and hopefully your sales as well because your product is then seen by numerous other people who wouldn’t have known about your product.

I hope that you apply these 5 tips as soon as you can and you see your sales growing quickly and do write to me if you found this useful and if these tips worked for you. Let me know if there is anything else you want me to create a video about.



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