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When I first started selling my handmade soaps I really missed having a platform like Etsy in India. I found myself limited to selling via my facebook page (I didn’t have a website then).

Since then a lot many curated marketplaces have started in India which have helped small business owners and handcrafters grow immensely.

So if you are still stuck to selling via your website or facebook page, you are definitely missing out on a huge chunk of the pie.

Selling on 3rd party marketplaces is a great way to push your sales as it allows you to gain access to a new customer base and benefit from the marketing activities undertaken by these websites.

Here are the top 4 marketplaces on which I have had a great experience:


Engrave aka ‘The Maker’s Market’, is an online marketplace for artists, craftspeople, DIYers and


Unfactory is an online marketplace created primarily to help independent artists and creators. It is co-founded by independent artists/ craftmakers, technology, advertising & marketing professionals who have

Here, we are committed to shape things from an ‘Artist first’ approach. As artists and creators, we strongly believe that the artist must get their due recognition and be rewarded suitably.


 Culture Truck is a portrayal of amalgamation of ideas, belief and artistic awareness. It is a platform that brings together the art enthusiasts whether the creator or the admirer, to focus on the vari

If you love everything unique and exclusive, have a penchant for innovative craft or are always on the lookout for style with substance, you will love Culture Truck. They showcase everything from women’s apparel to jewellery to home decor and artifacts.


Qtrove is a curated marketplace that exhibits and sells non-mass produced items from small entrepreneurs across the country. These products are natural, sustainable, not easily available elsewhere, enhance the well-being and social currency of today’s discerning consumer.

These include handmade, natural, sustainable products (ranging from handmade jewellery and bags to naturally procured and homemade food products), which are not easily available elsewhere. Qtrove’s vision is to empower local sellers across the world, and build a trusted, sustainable and democratic marketplace.

Since you will be competing with a lot of other sellers, I recommend following some of these ideas to delight and excite your customers to set yourself apart.

I would definitely recommend that you get in touch with these websites to set up shop immediately. You will need to have a set of great pictures which depict your products beautifully and very compelling product descriptions.

Are you selling on any marketplaces aside from these? Do let me know in the comments.

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