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Here are 5 things I do EVERYDAY which have helped me grow my online business:⁠

❶ Spend time studying:

I spend at least an hour everyday learning something new. It could be a book, an online course, a blog. Marketing trends change so quickly, it is important to study to stay up to date. ⁠ ❷ Record my income & expenses.

This is simple enough!⁠

Btw, if you want a copy of the excel sheet format I use just drop me an email and I’ll share it with you. ⁠

❸ Tune out of social media:

Social media is a sink hole. I try to keep off it for most part of the day and only login 3 times a day to respond to comments and DMs. I feel that's the only way i stay sane.⁠ ❹ Network online:

I take out some time to connect with other women entrepreneurs. This could be in the form of sending an email introducing myself or starting a conversation on social media or even a quick "hey I love what you do!" kinda comment on their latest post.⁠ ❺ Review my goals:

Everyday, I take a look at my monthly goals and create to-dos around them. It helps me stay organized and on purpose. Without a goal setting system, I work very haphazardly which leaves me feeling overwhelmed.⁠ ✴️Bonus point::⁠ ❻ Work on clearing my money blocks:

I take time to clear the "energies" around my money mindset. This could be in the form of affirmations, visioning or even a small meditation. It helps me introspect and figure out what's holding me back!!!⁠ That's all from me!!!⁠ What are your "must-do" things?⁠ Love,⁠ Shreya⁠ ✴⁠ ✴⁠ ✴⁠ ✴⁠ #indianwomenentrepreneurs #indianblogger #smallbusinesstips #digitalentrepreneurs #delhiblogger #womenentrepreneursindia #entrepreneursindia #startupsuccess #shreyasharanpawar #indianentrepreneurs #madeinindia #mompreneur #indianmompreneurs #makeinindia #supportsmallbusiness #buyhandmade #socialmediamarketing #smallbusinesslove #handmadesoapindia #soapmakers #handmadeinindia #supportingsmallbusinesses #handcrafter #creativeentrepreneur #handmadelove #supporthandmade #handmadeinindia #madebypeoplenotfactories #shophandmade #communityovercompetition




New Around Here?

Hi! I'm Shreya

Author of Abundance Workbook & your Abundance Attraction Coach.

I hold space for hundreds of women who want to be extraordinarily successful & become the wealthiest women in their family.

I support women entrepreneurs manifest more success in their business using a powerful combination of mindset reprogramming, energy practices and marketing strategies.

I am self made entrepreneur, army wife living a gypsy life, mommy to a baby girl and 2 dogs.

I believe in living a life in fullness of who I am, experiencing freedom, love, and joy to the fullest.

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Ways to work with me...

Abundance Attraction Mastery

A 6 week live program for the Abundance Seeker Ready to Manifest More Success, Wealth & Money

Instagram Business Mastery

Unlock the power of Instagram for your business

Morning Abundance Practice

30 Day daily live practice for sub conscious mind re-imprinting & money manifestation


This workbook planner is for you if you feel that your head's all jumbled up and that you want to do so many things but can't find the focus to do so.

Your First Step to Manage a Healthy Business and Personal Life

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