When you’re freelancing, you’re bound to make mistakes. Making mistakes is a part of the learning curve. Sometimes, you make mistakes because of lack of understanding and sometimes, because of being reckless or ignorant. Forget the reason, these mistakes will eventually affect your relationship with your clients, your work and your reputation. Here are the 6 common but important mistakes that you must avoid making at any cost.

Mistake no 1 # Not knowing how and how much to charge

One of the most important things that can majorly impact your freelancing career is not knowing how to charge, and then, not knowing how much to charge. This can be especially challenging when you take up projects of different sizes. What most freelancers don’t know is whether they should charge on an hourly basis or charge according to the size of the project? Don’t just quote a random figure based on a few parameters but do some thorough research, figure out the market prices suited for your profile and work experience, understand how to charge for different projects and then send a quotation. While undercharging makes your clients doubt the quality of your work (even though everyone wants an economical option), overcharging makes you come across as someone who’s high-headed. So, know your worth, understand the value of your time, understand the requirements of your clients and most importantly what is the value – financial or non-financial that you are bringing to your client –

Mistake no 2 # Working on projects that aren’t your thing

So, you’re a Java coder, with just about some basic knowledge of Oracle, and you take up a project that requires you to code in Oracle – have you done that? Or – you love writing blogs, but you land up picking up an academic writing project; sounds familiar, doesn’t it? So, whether you’re picking up a project for money or you’re picking