Let me be brutally honest – The market is filled with numerous nameless freelancers who offer the same expertise as you. So, in this sea of freelancers, would you like to become just another nameless freelancer? Or would you want to stand out and distinguish yourself from the rest?

There is only one thing that you can do that will make you more noticeable and more desirable to your clients; and that one thing is

establishing yourself as a brand.

Sometimes, we dive into the sea thinking that we’d learn swimming by just observing others but what we don’t think about is that what if the others are swimming the wrong way? Just because most freelancers don’t brand themselves, that doesn’t imply that even you shouldn’t brand yourself. In today’s world, branding has become more important than ever, and you’d be surprised at the magic branding can do for you and your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to know why branding is important for you as a freelancer.

1. Establish yourself as an expert

The best part about establishing yourself as a brand is that in the entire process, you understand your core strengths and weaknesses more closely. This exercise allows you to reflect and know yourself better. As a result of this, you can figure out what your unique selling point is and work your business around it. You can thus establish yourself as an expert based on your unique selling point.