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Making deeper connections with your customers is the basis for all heart-centered businesses. It involves taking things further than usual customer service activities like – answering queries, dispatching orders, troubleshooting etc – it’s about doing small things to make them feel special.

Happy customer are the best brand ambassadors and that is priceless!

In my years as a small biz owner, I have made lifelong friends with many of my customers. They are not only the best spokesperson for my brand but have also helped me in numerous ways like designing my product packaging, helping me with content writing and graphics and even advising me on my personal life.

Building these relationships has been the most important aspect for me and I have used the following ideas time and again to delight and excite my customers:

Send handwritten notes

Receiving a handwritten note has its own joy. Send a thank you note with your orders and show your appreciation.

Wish them on their birthday

Brighten their day and show them that you care – and I mean call them up instead of sending a message on facebook. Small gestures like birthday or anniversary wishes, go a long way in building customer love.

Send new year cards

In this digital age, snail mail is thoroughly missed. Delight your customers who love the traditional way!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day as Customer Day of Love

Don’t restrict valentine’s day for your better half. Send some love to your customers too! I had once sent a “Happyness Potli” – a bag containing 30 affirmations for self-love – one for each day of the month. Get creative with your hampers!

Get together and treat them to lunch

Invite your loyal customers to lunch; it will help them connect with the real “you” and build a tribe.

Send them an unexpected coupon

Spread some abundance and share random coupons; they are a great way to keep your customers hooked!

Send a bouquet of flowers

Has a new client signed up with you? Send a bouquet of flowers with a thank you note and they will be your fans for life!

Surprise them with a customized product

Nothing conveys gratitude and love more than a custom gift. Don’t you agree? I once sent a one-of-a-kind scrub to a couple of my long-time customers, and they were thrilled!!! It is also a great way to test if a product is worth launching.

Check in on them

Haven’t heard from a customer in a while? Why don’t you call them up and check in on them – who knows they might be going through a rough patch and your kindness could help them through.

Here’s an extra (coz we all love something more):

Promote their services & business

Are your customers’ entrepreneurs like you or do they have a mini hobby biz? Why not interview them on your blog or mention it to your facebook fans? Or better, why not gift their products to your customers??

Support & Grow Together – that’s my philosophy!

These are simple ideas that you can implement easily for your small biz and nor do they cost much but I assure you that they are super effective and your customers will shower you with love.

Remember it doesn’t have to be expensive – it’s the little things that “wow” your customers and keep them coming back.

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Here’s an infographic for your to save these ideas – pin it or download it!

Which of these ideas will you try? Tell me in the comments below…




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